Slow Day Ice Cube Wallace Train

Episode 4, wherein I channel Ice Cube, mention the hospital, pimp tonight's Slow Train reading and read Wallace Stevens' "A Fading of the Sun":

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  • 3/14/2013 12:31 PM Christina wrote:
    Sending some healing vibes to your Mom and to you John. I don't know the situation there but I hope her stay in the hospital is a brief one. Though I know she's been in a couple times this last year... so I realize this is probably a more serious stay. so my thoughts go out to her.

    I can't make tonight's reading... though I sort of hoped I might. Hubby had an appointment today to get his cast off finally.. and I'm still recovering from a bout of shingles. And there are some things that need doing here. So I will miss it. Since the signal is good there maybe you might be able to web cast it.. so putting that thought out there.

    Hopefully I might be down for next weeks music thingy in Lakewood... where you'll be reading too.

    Thanks for the Wallace Stevens I've not read any of his work before and liked what you shared. So thanks for that too.

    Have a good reading tonight. Give my regards to those who know me..
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    1. 3/18/2013 5:44 AM Jesus Crisis wrote:
      Thanks, she went in Tuesday -- still not sure when she's gonna get to come home -- hop to have a better idea after I visit her today.
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